Ice Sculptures

Glamorous, glitzy, and the focal point of any event – ice sculptures can instantly elevate your do from humdrum to memorable. From delicate table centrepieces to full-size sculptures to promote a product launch, or that all-time classic, the life-size swan, ice sculptures are (and you’ll have to forgive the pun here) the epitome of cool!

What are ice sculptures?


In exactly the same way that an artist can entice a sculpture out of a block of marble, we can produce an ethereal, fleeting but incredibly beautiful sculptures out of solid blocks of ice.

No matter how unique your design, we can work with you to create something truly memorable to adorn the top table, work as a focal point for a marketing event or give your wedding that extra-special flourish.

 Why would I want one at my event?


For our corporate clients, its all about ‘selling the sizzle’, and anything that helps you capture the attention of your audience from the moment they walk through the door is a huge marketing bonus. Ice sculptures can be specifically designed to promote your products, or they can add a touch of classical elegance to more high-profile events.

For private clients, an ice sculpture can capture a little bit of ‘you’ into your event and give it that special feel that ‘just another floral display’ simply can’t do.

Don’t they melt quickly?


Ice sculptures are, of course, fleeting, but you would be surprised just how long a full-sized sculpture will last! For example, a large carving of a swan would last on average six hours – plenty of time to hold everyone’s attention as the centrepiece of your event. We use the latest refrigerated vans to deliver your ice sculpture anywhere in the country, so it arrives as fresh and as crisp as when it left our (very chilly!) workshop.

I want something unique – can you help?


Absolutely! We’re creative and talented people, and our skills in ice carving allow us to work with you to create something unique for your event. Want an ice carving of your new car? We can create it in astonishing detail. Want something quirky and individual in a hurry? We can take a design from concept to completion within 72 hours – and deliver it to you anywhere in the country.



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