We find that once people discover our service, they often have lots of questions about what to expect, how long a sculpture will last, where we deliver to and so on. So here’s a few of the most common questions. If you want to know more then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be delighted to help in any way we can.

Funky FAQ’s

A – Our ice sculptures usually last around six hours at normal room temperature. After this time the more intricate details will start to melt. However if left the ice will still be there the next day!
A – All our sculptures are supplied with drip trays tubing and lighting. The water collected travels down a small tube into a container hidden under the table. So there are no puddles to worry about!
A – It needs to be strong enough to sufficiently support an ice sculpture, which can typically weigh up to 120kg. The usual folding table you often have at events may not be strong enough for a large piece, so make sure you plan ahead and have something that will support the weight of your sculpture without risk of collapse.
A – They’re free-standing, so you won’t need a table to support them. Over the course of the event all the melted water will slowly drain into specially designed bases, so you needn’t worry about the floor getting wet!
A – They come in metre lengths, so we will need the exact measurements from you or the venue before we begin work. We will then deliver and install your bar for you.
A – A plug socket close to the table should be available if lighting effects are required. We can also supply battery powered LED lights.
A – We accept bank transfers, credit/debit cards, cheque, and cash.
A – Yes we require a non-refundable 50% deposit upon placing your order. The outstanding balance will need to be paid in full two weeks before your event. For urgent orders you will need to pay in full at the time of order.
A – We usually recommend around two weeks. This is sufficient for the majority of our sculptures and luges, and gives us the chance to work with you to ensure every detail is considered before we start carving. However, we can fulfil orders with less notice depending on the sculpture requirements, so just give us a call or email us to see what we can do!
A – Absolutely – we can design just about anything. We work closely with you to ensure we create the sculpture or luge you want. The only limits are your imagination! Contact our team today who will be happy to discuss any ideas you have.
A – No, sorry! Any alcohol will have to be supplied by yourself.
A – No, Unless you have hired our equipment everything can be thrown away.
A – Yes Funky Ice is fully insured to deliver and set up at your venue, and carries full PLI to the value of £5 million.

Lighting Effects

Standard white lighting comes free with all sculptures. Below shows some images of the optional colour led lights which have 16 different colours available.